cuproclean® – ultra clean inner surface

Especially designed for fresh water applications, the inner surface of cuproclean tubes is extremely clean and free from carbon film.

high-purity copper tube high-purity copper tube

Our innovative production process for cuproclean tubes removes carbon film. This results in higher reliability, longer life and reduced maintenance costs.

Your benefits

  • ultra-clean tube surface free from carbon film
  • highest reliability and longer life also in fresh water applications
  • best corrosion resistance

Your applications

cuproclean is suitable for use in

  • cooling ceilings
  • solar water heating systems
  • heat generators

It is suitable for all fresh water applications. Copper offers outstanding versatility and is characterized by excellent formability as well as good processing properties. cuproclean copper tubes are also available in combination with other qualities such as cuproform.

Available delivery formats:

  • LWC
  • straight lengths

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