cuproclima® level-wound coil copper tubes

cuproclima for stable manufacturing processes, less scrap and higher productivity

refrigeration copper tubes refrigeration copper tubes

cuproclima is a Wieland standard quality

For high-quality seamless inside smooth or inner-grooved copper tubes in level-wound coils for the refrigeration and air-conditioning industries. The specified quality and inspection criteria exceed the existing requirements of standards (e. g. EN 12735-2, ASTM).

Your Benefits

  • longer run time for machines when uncoiling tubes
  • reduced scrap for finished products
  • reduced set-up time
  • detection of even smaller surface defects on the tubes
  • possible malfunctions of finished equipment during pressure testing are reduced
  • fewer impurities in the refrigerant circuit.

Your Applications

  • air-cooled heat exchangers for the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry
  • evaporators
  • condensers
  • heat exchangers
  • air coolers

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