cuproform® exceptional forming

The special copper tube with exceptional forming properties

highly deformable copper tube highly deformable copper tube

In boiler manufacture, for example the tubes may be formed by: expanding, bending, upsetting and beading.

cuproform has been designed for applications where the tube’s forming properties are extremely demanding compared to standard requirements.

Industrial copper tubes from conventional production do not always meet these high demands. Therefore, it is often necessary to use additional fittings made from other materials. This results in further production steps and consequently higher production costs.

Using cuproform enables you to save these costs and to reduce your production scrap.

Your Benefits

  • no special fittings necessary; this results in lower costs of production
  • higher added value in your production
  • exceptional forming properties– tested and certified on the inspection certificate
  • less scrap with very high deformation

Your applications

Connecting pieces, e.g. especially for boilers

Delivery formats

  • LWC
  • straight lengths
  • coils

Technical Marketing

Frank Trefzger
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Christine Flasch
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