Medical gas tubes in straight lengths

medical gas copper tubes medical gas copper tubes

The seamless drawn cupromed copper tube is used for refrigeration/air conditioning as well as for medical gas supply units according to EN ISO 7396-1. cupromed tubes in straight lengths meet the requirements according to EN 13348 and those according to EN 12735-1.

Your benefits

  • clean and dry inside surface
  • closed tubes ends keep the surface clean
  • supplier traceability through signature
  • standard dimensions available from stock
  • good processing, easy joining, very easy to unwind and bend
  • standard tube quality according to EN 12735-1
  • compliance with Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU

Your Applications

cupromed is suitable for the transportation of technical gases and liquids as well as medical gas and vacuum in

  • medical gas supply units
  • refrigeration and air conditioning units

It is suitable for all fresh water applications. Versatile copper offers excellent formability and good processing properties.

cupromed copper tubes are also available in combination with other qualities such as cuproform.

Delivery formats

  • in coils
  • in straight lengths of 5 m

Your technical contact

Mr. Frank Trefzger
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Your commercial contact

Mr. Roland Müller
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