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copper tubes sanitary and heating technology copper tubes sanitary and heating technology

On this site you will find news and information about smooth and pre-insulated copper tubes, galvanized inside, the new generation of flexible copper tubes, wall heating panels and underfloor heating.

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For many years plumbers have put their trust in branded SANCO copper tubes. They can be used for any domestic installation applications and they are very reliable.

Whether used for drinking water supply (domestic hot and cold water), heating systems, oil, gas or liquefied supplies or thermal solar systems: Wieland-SANCO tubes are always the right choice and, of course, comply with the appropriate regulations.

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The WICU system consists of Wieland copper tubes with additional coating, thermal or noise or noise insulation in combination with shaped parts for joints.

With WICU copper tubes and their pre-assembled coating and heat insulation any further insulation is superfluous, significantly reducing the expense of installation. Dependent on the application the tubes are protected against corrosion or sound. At the same time they automatically fulfil the requirements for heat insulation.

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cuprotherm is the reliable solution for heating and wall/underfloor heating sytems. The system solutions consist of the heating tubes and the chosen system parts.

cuprotherm is Europe’s most widely used copper underfloor heating system, and this for good reason: besides the core tube being absolutely impervious to the diffusion of gas and oxygen, the combination of unlimited ageing resistance and excellent mechanical strength provides a reliable long-term panel heating solution.

cuprotherm heating tubes are specifically designed for heating applications. They can be laid from the coil and installed easily.

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