Maximum energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness

inner-grooved copper tube inner-grooved copper tube

Efficient, high-performance tubes for single- and two-phase flow – the all-rounder

Wieland cuprofin standard tubes are efficient heat exchanger tubes. Equally wellsuited for single- and two-phase flow, they are also usable for evaporation and condensation. This enables flexible production of efficient and compact heat exchangers. Storage of different special tubes is unnecessary.

cuprofin-Standard light cuprofin-Standard light

cuprofin®-Standard light
Less weight. Lower costs.

The new inner-grooved copper tube “cuprofin-Standard light” reduces costs while maintaining the same level of performance with the same inner diameter. Their technically optimised internal structures of lower weight induce lower costs. Most of the new copper tubes are suitable as a “drop-in” without tooling change. Also, performance and pressure drop of the cuprofin-Standard light series are practically identical with the S2AD standard tubes and thus easily interchangeable.

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Your benefits

  • improved heat transfer through fin structure on the inside of the tube
  • compact heat exchanger design
  • reduced material input
  • highest flexibility and no risk of confusion because storage of different special tubes is unnecessary

cuprofin standard is also available in superclean quality and in microgroove sizes.

Your applications

  • Fin coil heat exchangers for the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry
  • Evaporators
  • Condensers
  • Recoolers
  • Air coolers
  • Shell-and-tube dry-expansion evaporators
  • Coiled heat exchangers (e. g. vessel heating and cooling)

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