cuprofin - inner-grooved tubes

Extremely efficient for compact design

inner-grooved copper tubes inner-grooved copper tubes

Smooth on the outside and grooved on the inside: the Wieland cuprofin tube is a seamless drawn high-performance tube in copper and the world’s leading product in heat transfer thanks to its large inner surface and application-optimized inner structures. In customer-specific developments, the structures can be further optimized in terms of performance, pressure drop and/or weight.

Dimensions available

Delivery formats


  • 300 kg
  • 150 kg
  • 100 kg

or straight lengths up to 7.9 m

Usual standards

  • EN 12735-2
  • ASTM B359
  • VdTÜV 420/6, 420/7

Materials available

Wieland EN EN No. UNS
K20 / K21 Cu-DHP CW024A C12200
K65 CuFe2P CW1076 C19400
L10 CuNi10Fe1Mn CW352H C70600

Tempers available:

soft, hard

Wieland inner-grooved tubes


Efficient, high-performance tubes for single- and two-phase flow – the all-rounder


High-performance tubes for condensers


High-performance tubes for evaporators


High-performance tubes for shell-and-tube dry-expansion evaporators


High-performance tubes for single-phase heat transfer


High-performance tubes for seawater applications


Small diameter and high performance