Innovative Pallet Decoiler

Self-regulating and efficiently

decoiler copper tube decoiler copper tube

The Wieland Pallet Decoiler is an innovative and self-regulating system to decoil level-wound copper tubes of approx. 5 - 25 mm.
This easy and fast setup considerably reduces downtime at the next machine (e.g. cut-to-length or bending line). It also reduces the risk of damage of the tubes during in-house handling. It improves safety significantly as the coils remain on the pallet during the entire process.

Your benefits

  • optimized setup times
  • easy decoiling
  • high safety
  • no scrap due to the handling of coils
  • easy and fast change of different tube sizes
  • total footprint of the line can be reduced
  • material storage is combined with the decoiling system
  • no crane required
  • high flexibility

Technical Marketing

Frank Trefzger
Phone: +49 731 944 6337


Christine Flasch
Phone: +49 731 944 1170