We rise to the challenge of keeping you flexible

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Our service, a cut above the rest. By customizing our technical and commercial services, we meet your requirements exactly. So your business can respond to dynamic markets even faster and more successfully.

Our strengths

  • Reliable delivery
  • Wide range of products as well as customer-specific product and component development
  • Worldwide quality and technology leadership
  • International representation
  • Accredited laboratory
  • Dedicated logistic solutions
  • Basic training and vocational training

Your benefits

  • Lower stock levels
  • Products that meet your requirements
  • Innovative strength and competitiveness
  • Represented worldwide and always near you; international approvals
  • Tests specific to you
  • More security and flexibility; less of your capital tied up
  • Know-how transfer to save time and costs and to optimize your production
Level of service Level of service
To us, service means customer orientation

High level of service for our customers

Our objective is to produce industrial copper tubes and to offer extraordinary services which comply with the requirements of your applications. Thus we reduce frictional losses. We increase flexibility and agility. And how does that benefit you? You can reduce your stock levels and respond much faster and more precisely to demand from your market.
We support you with our technical and commercial services and help you in optimizing your value chain.

Accredited laboratory Accredited laboratory

Accredited laboratory with test rigs and other facilites

Our modern lab specializes in refrigeration technology. Measurements carried out here form the basis for the continuing further development of our copper industrial tubes.

Wieland Industrial Tubes engineers can enhance your cost/benefit ratio. In Customizing, we devise the solution which is exactly right for you. This ideal result is not achieved by chance. It derives from perfected thermal engineering know-how, our own test rigs and our understanding, matured through years of working on applications.